London Playwrights Social Gathering! Don’t Send Flowers by Emily Garside at the White Bear

Who fancies coming to see a show with us?! LPW’s Emily Garside has a play coming up and we’d love you to join us in supporting her work and getting together for a long awaited social gathering in the bar afterwards! Don’t Send Flowers will be running at the White Bear Theatre Kennington with Forest Theatre Company from 30th August but we’re planning on going on Wednesday 1st September. Come along, see an exciting piece of new writing and get together with other playwrights. We hope to see you there!

Don’t Send Flowers

Grace is in therapy because her Father is dying and she’s not handling it well. Joanne is in therapy because she’s dying, and also not handling it well. Louis is in therapy because his work told him he has to be, and because his sister is dying. A chance encounter in a waiting room causes them to strike up a friendship with each other, and although cake is not a cure for cancer, it turns out to be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Emily says: 

‘I’m really excited to be bringing ‘Don’t Send Flowers’ to London it feels really exciting to get to make any theatre right now, but particularly this play which has always been very close to my heart. After the year we’ve all had something with a dark sense of humour about the difficult times in life really fits my current mood, and I hope it will connect with a lot of other people too.’

‘an insightful and sensitive look at the subject of death, cancer and love’ (Buzz Magazine)

How to book:


Get your tickets here!

Don’t forget to book for 1st September if you want to join our social meet-up, but if you can’t make that date you can catch it from 30 August – 5 September so don’t miss it!

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