London Playwrights Workshop accepting rolling submissions from members

As promised in our latest update, we’ll be opening up for rolling submissions from our members – if you’re not a member yet, find out more about joining for just £3.63 here!

Why? One of our (many!) plans for the year was to use our member meetups to showcase the work of our members – through scratch nights, rehearsed readings and workshops. We don’t know where we stand with this now, but we do know that we’ll pick this focus up again as soon as we’re able so we want to use this time to get to know you and your work. We also want you all to know we’re still doing all we can to support you – and that we appreciate your support now even more than ever!

What will we do with the scripts? Our plan is to read them as they come in and identify those which we may be able to develop further through showcases, readings etc once things in the theatre world are back up and running. We’ll also use them to plan events and workshops – so for, example, if we spot some plays which have potential but need work on structure, we might programme a structure workshop we can invite you to or we might earmark a few brilliant shorts to showcase  for an event (we are also looking at online opportunities for those outside of London) . These ideas are all in their early stages right now and will depend on whether we are able to fund them in post-coronavirus world. But we will try! And if you’re using your time in isolation to get some writing done, this is another place to send your work. We won’t be able to give feedback on every submission but we will read them and let you know when any planned events are taking place or if we think we can help you to develop your work.

How to submit: just send your plays to with ‘members submission’ in the heading. You are welcome to send plays of any length (including monologues) on any subject but please send us ‘finished’ work rather than early drafts (yes, we know plays are never truly finished but reasonably polished to the point where you feel you can do no more without further input or feedback is good enough for us!). You’ll need to be a member of London Playwrights’ Workshop in order to submit your work but you can sign up for less than £4. 

Why is this opportunity only open to our members? Member meetups are part of what we offer our members and in the absence of these we wanted to put a tangible opportunity in place to make sure they know we are still working to champion their work. We rely on support from our members to keep the organisation going, including the free resources on the blog and the  opportunities listings – and we want them to know how just how much we appreciate this. If you’d like to sign up, you can do so for just £3.63 and help us to support the next generation of playwrights!

Please feel free to email Kimberley at with any queries.

Deadline: rolling

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