London Playwrights Zoom Workshops: Writing Necessary Coincidences

Need a creative break during the day? Then come along to our new series of lunchtime workshops!

Quite often, coincidences are necessary to make your plot work. For example, you know two characters in your story need to meet – but how do you make this happen in a way that is plausible and credible?

What techniques can we use as writers to create necessary coincidences for our characters without being contrived? How can we explore cause and effect and create believable situations?

In this interactive 60 minute workshop with London Playwrights’ Kimberley Andrews, participants are invited to share their own experiences of creating coincidences and together we will explore strategies and techniques to help you improve your writing.

Date: 10 November 12pm -1pm 

Book here.

Please note, in the interest of paying fair wages; this course can only run if we reach a minimum number of bookings. We will process a full refund if it doesn’t go ahead. Thanks for understanding!

Refunds for all other reasons can only be processed if cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the first session. No refunds can be given for missed sessions.

Please email with any questions.

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