Love Sharing international festival accepting performance proposals (Italy)

What is it?

“Love Sharing” is an international festival dedicated to the culture of peace and non-violence. The 6th edition will be held in October 2020 in Cagliari, Sardinia (Italy). It will focus on Madness and Revolution.

Through contemporary art, scientific research, social and political innovation, with residents and citizens challenging their views, they hope the festival will answer questions such as; what is the relationship between madness and social, political and scientific revolution?  What types of collective madness are there? Is it legitimate to consider people insane if they don’t respect social norms? If so, what’s their fate as individuals? What defines a person as crazy? Is there a link between madness and political dissent?

The boundaries between craziness and normality, sense, freedom and power are constantly redrawn as human sensitivity changes, in historical, social and cultural terms.

If you are an artist (theatre, dance, music, circus, performing arts, visual arts) and you want to give your contribution to this exciting topic, they are ready to receive your proposals.

How to apply?

Please read the conditions and fill in the online form in the “Open Call 2020” section of their website:

Deadline: 30th April 2020

Source: Direct Contact

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