LPW Member Henry Dawe has ‘Play On Words’ book published

Some good news! LPW member Henry Dawe has just had his first book published, a six-part
series of extended comedy sketches called ‘Play on Words’.


To give a taster from the episode called ‘The Grand Tour of the British Isles’:

‘Well, don’t forget my cousin’s a seamstress if that helps. I know she’s
busy with some items this evening, actually.’ / ‘Is she making ‘em?’ /
‘No, Altrincham. To start with, anyway, then later I expect she’ll also be
doing her usual trick of linking together two or more garments by twisting
the ends around each other.’ / ‘Oh, you mean she’ll be …’ / ‘Nottingham.
Of course she has been known to make a complete pig’s ear of what
previously were perfectly good items of clothing.’ / ‘Oh, so she …’ /
‘Wrexham, yes.’


If anyone in the group is interested in purchasing the
book for consideration for a reading or stage production, or just to read
for pleasure, please head to
https://tslbooks.uk/product/play-on-words-henry-dawe/. Henry hopes that
the book may lift some spirits in lockdown.

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