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This month’s pick

For our August selection, we’re going to be reading A Raisin In The Sun (Lorraine Hansberry)

Why did we pick this?

Set in Chicago, this play made its’ debut on Broadway in 1959. It might not be new , but the themes of race, class and family are just as relevant and moving today as when it was written.

There’s a real sense that the family in the play are trapped by circumstance: both economical and because of racial prejudice and the tension runs high throughout. However, there is also hope conveyed through the characters’ strong sense of ambition. If you’ve never read this one before, it really is worth a look!

How it works

All you need to do is read the play then head on over to our Members Facebook Group from the 15th of the month to join the discussion! Book club threads will be marked with the hashtag #bookclub, so it will be easy to find the discussion. Feel free to comment on existing threads or even start your own, the more discussion, the better!

Once the discussion is open  on our Facebook Group, it will stay there, so you can dip in and out throughout the rest of the month as much or as little as you like, whenever is convenient for you.

(Please note, to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t finished the play yet, any comments posted on our Facebook Group prior to 15th of each month will be deleted). 

Need a copy?

If you need to buy a copy, you can do so at the link below. (And if you buy through this Amazon Affiliate link, a small portion of the sale will go towards supporting LPW – at NO extra charge to you!)

 A Raisin In The Sun (Lorraine Hansberry)

Want to plan ahead?

Our next Book Club text will be: 

September: Look Back in Anger (John Osborne)

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