LPW Play Club 2020: Play #4 – As You Like It by William Shakespeare

And last but not least…

So far over Play Club 2020, we’ve had the privilege of reading hundreds of fantastic new works, making choosing each winning work incredibly difficult. We’ve had four brilliant new winning pieces over the past year and we were astounded by the high level of quality displayed in the last submission window in response to ear for eye by debbie tucker green. Our winning choice for the penultimate play club 2020 window is…

Be Careful

by Fiona Black

Fiona Black was born and raised in Scotland. After drama college in Glasgow she won a scholarship to study a Masters degree in the States, then worked in the theatre, acting and directing, before moving into television drama as a freelance Production Manager/Line Producer. Recently, she completed a Masters in Script Writing from the University of East Anglia. Since then, InMotion Theatre company accepted her short play ‘Just William’ for a rehearsed reading; she has also had a number of poems published latterly, in Scottish PEN’s magazine on Dignity.


And that leaves us to announce our fourth and final text for #PlayClub2020…

As You Like It by William Shakespeare

We thought we’d go a bit more old school for our final text, and decided to go for one of The Bard’s most loved Comedies! As You Like It is a pastoral comedy written by Shakespeare, believed to be around 1599. The play explores themes of disguise, unrequited love, deceit and family, and follows characters such as Rosalind, Orlando and Jacques into the forest where they will leave changed forever. It has been adapted for TV, Film and Radio countless times, and was cited as being Shakespeare’s crowdpleaser (As You Like It potentially referring to how the audience wanted plays to be). 


There are full versions of the script available online, or alternative cheap versions are available via amazon.


We challenge you to write a 10 page play (12 font size, please!) in direct response to what you’ve read.

Our submission window in response to As You Like It will be open from
Monday 10th August – Sunday 30th August

(So please don’t send us scripts before then)

We’ll accept submissions from LPW members only, so if you’re not one yet but are wanting to submit – what’re you waiting for? It costs less than a cup of coffee a month and you get exclusive access to workshops, events and projects from us!

Details of how to sign up for membership can be found here.

A blog post and email will be sent your way once the window is open with full details of how to submit, but until then, happy reading for this month, and don’t forget to join the Facebook group discussion!

How to sign up

Play submissions for this project are exclusively for our members (you can sign up for less than 4 quid though and you’ll be helping to support the next generation of playwrights if you do!)

You’re also more than welcome to just read the plays and join in some discussion with us about them on the members Facebook group! We’ll open up a discussion forum on there at the same time we open for submissions, so do feel free to just read along with us if you’d prefer.

If you’re not a member yet, sign up now and follow the link as above.

Image source: Maple Classics / Amazon – As You Like It playtext 

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