LPW: #WriteHacks coming soon!

As promised, we’ve got some exciting content coming up for our members this year and the of first our new initiatives will be making its’ way to you this March. 


As playwrights, juggling the whole writing thing with every day life is hands down one of our biggest challenges.  Often, by the time we tick off enough of our to-do lists to sit down and get some actual writing done, we’re then slapped in the face with a blank page, not knowing how to fill it.

It’s pretty easy to end up in a frustrating cycle where we hopelessly try to squeeze everything and then feel guilty when our creative brain doesn’t quite fire up in the way we want it to, when we want it to.

The truth is, there aren’t many writers who have time to sit in front of their laptop all day casually typing up their latest masterpiece without distraction. And even those who do aren’t immune to writers’ block , scrolling through Instragam or watching the kettle boil instead of writing. The trick with it all really is to make the writing time we do have, fully count. 

With that in mind, we’ve created #WriteHacks, a series of life hacks for writers which will land in your inbox every day throughout the month of March.

Each day, you’ll receive a different ‘hack’, designed to boost productivity, inspire you and give you the motivation to write more.

We’ve collected hacks from a really exciting bunch of people from playwrights to producers (and of course. the LPW team!) so you won’t want to miss out on getting these wise words thrown into your inbox during March!

How to sign up

This resource is exclusively for our members (you can sign up for less than 4 quid though and you’ll be helping to support the next generation of playwrights if you do!)

Members, CLICK HERE to sign up to receive #WriteHack emails.

If you’re not a member yet, sign up now and follow the link as above.


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