Mabel Presents seeks shorts on the theme of Notting Hill Carnival for The Lyric Hammersmith

Mabel Presents are looking for 5-15 minutes scripts on the theme of Notting Hill Carnival. The script should be set on All Saints Road on the Monday of Notting Hill Carnival. It can be set in someone’s living room, roof, behind the stage of a sound system, in the morning before the music starts or in the evening when the music stops. It can also be set with the rats bellow the booming music or with the pigeons fighting over a piece of barbecued corn. Anything is possible!

In their words: “It’s Notting Hill Carnival, the sun is shinning, and the streets are packed with festivalgoers from all walks of life and all nationalities. The music booms, food and rubbish carpet the street floor and the air of freedom dances with the jerk chicken fumes. It is Monday on All Saints Road, but who are its inhabitants? What visitors have come for companionship or romance, trouble or sanctuary? To consume or perspire to the beat of the music? Or all of the above? It certainly is the Wild Wild West.If we were to be looking down from above and zoom into all the private moments on the incredibly packed All Saints Road, what will we find? What will we see and hear? What is there to be discovered? It is up to you to decide.”

How it works: Submit your play with your name and email address to: If selected, you will meet with the other writers to build one long linear play for production at The Lyric Hammersmith on the 28 September 2017. For more information see their Facebook page @mabelpresents.

Deadline: 1 August 2017

Source: BBC Writersroom


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