Manchester Performing Arts Group looking for stage plays and musicals for rehearsed reading

The Manchester Performing Arts Group are currently looking for stage plays and musicals ready for a rehearsed reading.

Due to the Covid19 situation they are not in a position to confirm when readings will take place. They are presuming it could be some months, but in the meantime there’s nothing to stop them preparing!

Please note the following:

Stage Plays

  • Any cast size
  • 10-15 mins
  • One Act
  • Full Length


  • Libretto with or without .mp3 music files
  • Any cast size
  • One Act
  • Full length

Writer’s Age: 18+

Geographical location of writers: UK

Please attach your scripts and a (max) one page outline to:

Please see their website for more information

Deadline: 30th June 2020, 5pm

Source: BBC Writer’s Room

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