Melanin Box Festival 15/The Initiative.dkf accepting theatre and film submissions from black/POC writers

Mɛlənɪn Box Festival – December 2015 is a three day showcase of novel works by up-and-coming black British theatre and film makers, as well as theatre and film makers of colour. This festival is about dismantling the perceived esoteric nature of creative arts industries and providing the long coveted platform, space and opportunity for POC creative professionals. The vision for the festival is one of inclusivity, of empowerment, and of celebration of the fresh and new.

MBF already includes plays covering themes such as: LGBT-British POCs, purgatory, sexuality, and religion, relationships through an intermixing of styles and mediums.

Mɛlənɪn Box Festival was curated in 2014 by Damilola K Fashola (Royal Court Young Writers Alumni/RADA Festival 2015), developed by The Initiative.dkf and will premier in 2015 as part of the aims of The British Negus Initiative.

*The word negus is a noun derived from the ancient language Ge’ez  verbal root N – G – Ś meaning “to reign.””King,” “Ruler” or “Emperor” in the Ethiopian language of Amharic.

Submissions: Works must be written & directed by Black British/POC* artists. Cast can be of any heritage.


  • Must be 15mins in length
  • Can be a short or an extract from a longer play


  • 5-10mins in length
  • Can be a short or preview/extract from longer film

“*Black British/POC” pertains to any British born or British nationalized person of colour who has an immediate African or Caribbean melanoid heritage. i.e Mixed Heritage would include an African or Caribbean background of some kind. In our definition this also includes Black people with the Albino pigmentation. We are similarly supporters of all Britons of colour and all POCs who have worked, studied and lived in Britain for 5 years or more with intent to contribute long term to the industry.

To apply:

Film: send links to the short/extract you wish to screen, include a summary and a brief of experience/CV .

Stage: send a sample from the script you wish to be performed (Max 5pages).

 Place all relevant/technical details on a separate page to ‘‘ Please include ‘ MELANIN 2015 ‘ as the subject heading. 

For more information visit the website.

Deadline: 12noon – 17th September 2015


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