Mercury Monologues in association with Josef Weinberger Plays

The Mercury Theatre and Josef Weinberger are joining forces once again, following their successful partnership on the 2018 Mercury Weinberger Playwriting Prize, to discover a new cohort of talent by engaging with aspiring writers and creatives during these uncertain times.

Mercury Monologues in association with Josef Weinberger Ltd will see hopefuls submit a short monologue, lasting no longer than 4 minutes, each week.

How it works: Submissions will be judged by a panel of professionals as selected by the Mercury and Josef Weinberger. Each week a new winner will be announced, earning themselves a £100 prize, and the chance to have their monologue read and streamed to the Mercury’s social media channels and website, by a professional, paid actor.

The deadline to submit the first monologue, which will be on the theme of “Temptation”, is Sun 5 Apr. The first winning work will then be streamed the following Wednesday.

They want modern soliloquies that make us laugh, or make us stand up and applaud, that inspire us to take action or provoke us to shed a tear.  They want you to capture a moment in time, give voice to the unheard, amaze us, enthral us, inspire us. Piece of cake!

Deadline: 5 April 2020 and then weekly 

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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