Metamorph Theatre seeking submissions for ‘Pick and Mixed Plays’

Metamorph Theatre is looking for new artists to write or devise for its upcoming night ‘Picked and Mixed Plays’.

This is an opportunity for writers/emerging artists to showcase their work. Their previous two nights of short shows have been at the Arcola Theatre main house.

Seven shows will be ‘picked’ that are uniquely ‘mixed’. Please send them anything you’d like to present, whether that be a devised play, a piece of new writing or a musical, they’re happy to throw it in the mix.

What they are looking for: whether it is a short play in itself or an extract from a longer piece that wants to be developed into a full production they want to read it! They also want to read theatre from a wide range of styles – Verbatim, Musicals, Devised Theatre are all welcome.

Once they have read all the submissions and the lucky ones are selected they will be announcing a time and date for the shows.

Performances can only be 10-15 minute in length and writers should only submit one show.

How to apply: all submissions can be sent over to Please put a short paragraph with your previous experience and what you would like to perform.

For devised shows please send them a clear idea of what you would like to do and a link to any previous filmed performances. This can take up either one or 2 sides of A4.

Deadline: 5 April 2019

Source: BBC Writersroom

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