Miniver’s Minute Monologue Challenge: accepting monologues on the theme of ‘unfamiliar’

Miniver’s Minute Monologue Challenge. Let’s get those creative juices flowing! The theme for entries is… ‘unfamiliar’ so please do incorporate this however you like.

How to apply: head to for more details!

Deadline: 23 November 2020

Source: Twitter

6 thoughts on “Miniver’s Minute Monologue Challenge: accepting monologues on the theme of ‘unfamiliar’”

  1. You are asking for a filmed monogue with the dead line on 23rd November. I’ve just received this today 20th November. If it was the script, I could send it but I have 2 days to find the camera person and the actor. A week at least would have been necessary.

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Claudette, sorry about this – we simply repost opportunities as we find them online so it might have been that this one was around a bit longer but we didn’t spot it.

  2. Hi guys, my company has had a few emails with submissions for this opportunity. The website listed here is my company’s website but we are not Miniver Theatre! Hate for people’s hard work to be going to the wrong place!

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