‘Monsters on Stage’ A Call for Monologues and Short Plays (Kentucky, USA)

Monsters on Stage provide a unique dramatic perspective on what it means to be human in the 21st century, either through relationship, revelation, contrast or cataclysm. The thematic possibilities are endless: transformation, identity, in- or exclusion, survival, love, terror and more. We’re looking for pieces that dig deep into the human need – conscious and unconscious, psychological and neurological – for monsters across time and cultures.

As Prospero says of Caliban in The Tempest: “This thing of Darkness I acknowledge mine.”

Publication: An anthology of monologues, short plays and essays will be published. Authors whose writings are selected for this anthology will receive a publication contract.

Production: In addition to publication, several monologues and short plays will be selected for production at Transylvania University (perfect, right?) in the fall of 2015. Opportunities for prosthetic makeup for characters are encouraged. Playwrights whose works are selected will receive a production contract.

How to apply:  Playwrights at any level of their studies or careers are invited to submit original 3-to-5 minute monologues and short plays as Word documents to mdixon@transy.edu.

For further information:
Contact Michael Bigelow Dixon, Assistant Professor, Theater, Transylvania University, 300 N. Broadway, Lexington, KY 40502; mdixon@transy.edu

Deadline: 1 June 2015

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