Mordue Pictures seeking writers for film project

Mordue Pictures are looking for 3 writers for a new film project. In 2015, they will be shooting their third feature film ‘Midnight Sky’ which follows two people in three parallel universes, where three separate choices set in motion three contrasting lives of love, regret & indifference.

They are currently seeking three Writers & three Directors to come on board & collectively create these three worlds in a unique & interesting way…

Ever wondered where your life would be if you had taken a different path?
Theories state there are an infinite number of parallel universes with infinite possibilities.
Everything that can happen does happen. Matthew and Ellie find that choices define the life they lead, but with each choice as infinite as the midnight sky, what is it that really matters?

How to apply: Please email all relevant material and experience and interest to: More info can be found at:

*Please note payment is dependent on funding which will be deferred

Deadline: Friday 31 October 2014

Source: Arts Council Jobs Website

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