Morning writing workshops with Write & Shine

New Year’s resolution to start-or keep-writing? Join a Write & Shine morning creative writing workshop in 2016!

Write & Shine creative writing workshops embrace the inspirational power of the morning.

“Research shows we’re more creative in the morning. When we wake, we’re incredibly sensitive to the sights and sounds of our environment. It’s the best time to think and dream and imagine. Writing early captures all kinds of ideas before your inner critic rears its head.”

Sessions are open to new and experienced writers, artists and makers—or anyone wanting to incorporate creativity into their busy working lives.

Join writer Gemma Seltzer to explore the habits of early rising authors and analyse writing about the first light of the day.

Upcoming dates:

Waterstones Piccadilly – Thursdays 14 and 28 January 2016 (9-10.45am)

Westminster Quaker Meeting House – Thursday 21 January 2016 (7.30-9am)

Fee:  Each session is £10 and includes a pastry & hot drink

How to book:  Book online and join us to celebrate the morning at

Source:  Arts News

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