Musical Theatre Studio – Opportunity for makers and performers, FLYING DUTCHMAN Theatre & van Elst A.M.O.

Musical Theatre Studio is a platform for developing new musical theatre before it hits the West End.

“We launch our first Musical Theatre Studio presentations on 22, 23, and 24 July 2016 in collaboration with The Space theatre. This is an amazing opportunity for musical theatre makers and performers to show their ideas and try-out new work in front of a live audience. From all the participants we will pick one show to go into full production. If that isn’t enough, this is a great place to network and collaborate even if you don’t have a full production team. We invite groups and individuals to apply with their concept and in return offer free rehearsal space, directional support, a marketing plan and a stage to put on your show!”

To apply, fill in the application form attached or visit

Deadline:  14 June 2016

Source: Arts Jobs Newsletter



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