Naiad Productions first Scratch Night seeks shorts inspired by Federico Fellini

Naiad Productions has announced its first Scratch Night at the Old Red Lion on 21-22 May 2017. Its Master Directors Series THE 5 Vitelloni ( Federico Fellini) is inspired by the most influential filmmakers of all time. This time it is Federico Fellini.

NP is looking for 5 writers and 5 directors who want to be challenged into staging 15-20 short plays inspired by Federico Fellini and his work on screen.

Eligibility:  NP says please apply only if you know you will be able to commit to these dates.

What you get: Due to budget constraints, NP is unable to provide any economical support on props purchased, costume or rehearsal space.  There is however a contribution guaranteed ONLY upon 80% box office reached.  Director- Writers= 50 GBP each.

What to submit:

  • Please submit a cv and your short piece. Both in pdf format
  • Please add your contact details on the script
  • Please also add a very short 4 line plot summary of your play just below the title of your script and right above the piece itself
  • Please follow the main theme guidelines. Script that do not adhere to the main theme will not be considered

Script guidelines:

  • Max number of characters 2 or 1
  • Script must follow the theme guide lines and suggest a “Vitellone” stereotype and other Fellinesque characters
  • All pieces must be 20 min long ( 2 characters) or 15 min ( one character). Anything longer or too short will not be considered
  • Setting of the play for ALL the shorts is on/near the beach side of a provincial town.  You can be playful with this in any way you want ( exterior or interior as long as the sea is present in some form and nearby the action ; winter or summer)
  • Time frame 50-60s
  • Please bear in mind suggesting only a minimal quantity of feasible props as budget and logistics are to be kept simple ( i.e. blood, guns, prop food or drinks that stain, prop knives, excessively bulky items etc  are a no no)
  • Colour, gender, nationality blind. Please be inclusive in your character choices
  • Please be aware that the minimum age to access the theatre is 18. Choose your character ages accordingly
  • Genre can vary. Please be creative and varied. NP will try to choose a range of different pieces

How to apply: email: and as subject of the email  write: THE 5 VITELLONI – role you are submitting for.  Contact details here and full details on the opportunity here

Deadline: 12 April 2017

Source: Direct contact

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