Nathan Carr and Milivoy Webber Memorial Prize: An annual writing competition

This prize is awarded annually in memory of Nathan Robert Carr and Milivoy Ivon Webber. The competition genre and theme may change each year.  This is the first year of the competition, which is sponsored by Mama Quilla Productions—Art for Change. Mama Quilla spotlights neglected human rights issues and explores the big issues of the day from a female perspective.

They are looking for flash fiction pieces of 250 words to publish on their website and/ or use for performances.

How to apply: find out more here

Deadline: 4 March 2020

Source: @Playwriting_UK

1 thought on “Nathan Carr and Milivoy Webber Memorial Prize: An annual writing competition”

  1. Veronica Mullane

    I think of milivoy and Nathan often and am still confused over their deaths. I found out by looking up milivoy, just to see what he had been up to, because we had lost touch with each other. He kind of disappeared from the scene. Looking him up again now is how I found this page. I remember him wanting to write and he occasionally mentioned his sister, who I always wanted to meet. I love meeting family of friends for some reason…Anyway, this writing competition in honour of them is really sweet. Good luck to all entrants! And thank you for posting that photo of milivoy in Canada, wow!

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