National Theatre Wales seek emerging artists for new initiative: ‘Creative Development’

National Theatre Wales have launched a new initiative titles ‘Creative Development’ which aims to nurture emerging artists.

In their words: “National Theatre Wales has and always will be, about creative conversations, developing talent and supporting artists to make brilliant new productions.

We believe we have a dual responsibility; to nurture the next generation of creative talent, while at the same time working with more established artists to help them expand their practice, contributing to a thriving, ambitious and vibrant creative arts sector across Wales.

Creative Development is a new approach that will bring together the company’s own research and development projects alongside the work we do to support independent artists and makers. We hope that by doing so we’ll create more opportunities for artists to work with each other, make discoveries and develop new work across the country.”

How to apply: There are six strands to the Creative Development programme, most of which involve a simple application or ideas submission process.

They’ve currently got opportunities for Emerging ProducersProfessional Development Labs and Located Residences. 

To apply, click on one of the above links, and fill out an application form.

Deadline: 12 January 2018 

Source: Word of Mouth

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