National Writing Day resources available for teachers and parents alike

The team behind National Writing Day 2020 want their joint resources to be really useful for teachers and parents alike; thet hope writing together for young people can give them a sense of community and an outlet for their voices to be heard.

Led by First Story, National Writing Day is a coalition of literacy charities and publishers all working to celebrate the power of writing. It asks young people to become writers themselves, spurred on by their imagination and their own experiences. It’s about having fun with words. It’s about getting your voice heard. It’s a support to young people’s education while schools are shut down.

Their partners have adapted some of their superb resources for primary and secondary school students to use for free. They will be available from Wednesday 29 April 2020 here. From making a picture book, to writing about football, to 45-minute long creative-writing tutorials, there is something for everyone.

Look out for more over the next few weeks.

Deadline: ongoing

Source: Direct Contact

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