New Works of Merit Playwriting Contest 2017 (cash prizes, $25 entry fee)

It’s the 15th year of the New Works of Merit Playwriting contest, and they are seeking submissions!

They are looking for original full-length scripts that are no longer than 2 hours or over 90 pages. (Scripts over 90 pages with a performance time under 2 hours are also eligible.)

Most formats are being accepted, but musicals, adaptations, collections, multiple short plays in a theme collection, poems, scripts produced with an AEA contract, and scripts that do not meet their mission statement (which can be found here) are not eligible.

If selected, you will be awarded $300, and your work will be read at a professional venue with a Q&A.

How to apply: The contest is open to all. There is a submission fee of $25. The full guidelines can be found here. To find out more and to submit, please go to the New Works of Merit Playwriting Contest website. 

Deadline: 31 July 2017 

Source: Direct Contact

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