New writing project for Heckington Living Radio

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A new writing project for Heckington Living Radio.
They are looking for at least 12 writers to take part in an exciting writing venture. There is no fee but the project will culminate in your work being recorded, edited and broadcast on radio.
Each writer will produce a 15-minute dialogue between two characters travelling somewhere in a car, inheriting a character from the previous writer’s play and inventing a new one for themselves which will, in turn, be passed on to the next writer and so on. The dialogue can be about anything (as long as it’s suitable for a 7pm slot on the radio) and can be comedy, drama or a bit of both.
How to apply: join their Facebook Group for more details 
Deadline: none posted 
Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

2 thoughts on “New writing project for Heckington Living Radio”

  1. Betty Hagglund

    I think this project is now fully commissioned. I’m one of the playwrights involved and we’re already several weeks into the scriptwriting process. It might be worth checking with the organisers.

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