NHB Playgroup Q&A Podcast with John O’Donovan

This month’s episode of The NHB Playgroup Q&A Podcast is available now! 🎭✍️🎙️💬 Listen now at https://soundcloud.com/…/nhb-playgroup-flights-john…, or wherever you get your podcasts.
In this episode, host Siân Mayhall-Purvis chats to John O’Donovan about his haunting and funny drama Flights. We discuss how real-life events formed part of the play’s development, just how many litres of liquid the actors had to consume onstage every night, and how John thinks his writing may change now that he’s returned from London to his homeland of Ireland
Flights premiered in 2020 at glór in Ennis before transferring to Dublin and London, directed by Thomas Martin. See more about at the play at www.nickhernbooks.co.uk/flights
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Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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