Nickelodeon Writing Programme open for submissions

The Nickelodeon Writing Programme is now open for submissions. This global initiative will offer the successful applicant a salaried position with Nickelodeon in London for up to six months, providing experience in  writing scripts and pitching story ideas for both live action and animation. The chosen writer will have the opportunity to nurture relationships with creators, network executives, line producers, head writers, show-runners and story editors from all around the world, whilst also undertaking special training activities to develop their craft.

They will also get to spend six weeks in the US at Nickelodeon’s studios in Los Angeles, attending storyboard pitches, series meetings and tapings, and working alongside some of the Network’s top creatives.

How to apply: For full details on how to apply, please visit the website, selecting the ‘Writing Program’ and ‘All Other Countries’ options.

Additional information: please note that UK and international applicants are required to submit a spec. script for a US show which must come from the list found here on the website.

Deadline: midnight on February 28th, 2014 (the winner will be announced in October)

Source: IdeasTap Jobs page.

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