Nottingham Playhouse inviting writers to take part in ‘Time and Memory’ season

The Nottingham Playhouse is inviting writers to submit proposals to take part in their upcoming ‘Time and Memory’ season:

“As we mark the centenary of the start of World War One, Nottingham Playhouse is taking this opportunity to explore the political and social consequences of that event throughout 2014.  The season examines nostalgia and regret, how history is constructed and the process of ageing. It explores the extent to which we control the future, and how much the future is already determined by the past.”

They will be complementing our three main stage plays with a programme of work by emerging artists and are encouraging new and established writers, performance artists, visual artists and performance poets to submit work on the subject of Time and Memory.

What to submit:  Fiona Buffini, Associate Director, Nottingham Playhouse said: “Time and Memory is an interesting and broad theme, with so many possibilities. We are delighted to offer this opportunity to artists across the country, and will be excited to see how people respond. There are no word limits on submissions. We would rather you didn’t send outlines of ideas; we would like to see finished/almost finished work so that we get a real flavour of the piece.”

How to apply:  Submissions and enquiries should be emailed to

Deadline: 27 June 2014

Source: Play Submissions Helper

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