Onstage/Offstage seeking 10-15 minute plays on ‘resisting’ for podcast (USA)

Onstage/Offstage is looking for two 10-15 minute plays to produce and air on its podcast. The theme is “Resisting.”

Selected plays will be broadcast on WRFI 88.1 Ithaca Community Radio and podcasted on their web site and iTunes.

Submissions will air/be available as podcast on a date TBD.

Selected plays will be cast, rehearsed, and recorded by Onstage/Offstage personnel. Playwrights will be required to do a short interview to accompany their play.

What to submit:  They are seeking plays that meet the following guidelines (in their own words):

  • “Please do not submit plays that require extensive reading of stage directions; if the play does not work as a reading, do not submit. We feel that the work should be overwhelmingly dialogue;
  • Three characters maximum;
  • No overdone excessive [editor note: profane] language. Not that we are against strong language in a work, but I have to bleep it for broadcast (key word=overdone). I leave it au naturel for the podcast;
  • Plays MUST BE IN PDF FORM with playwright contact and cast/tech/set info on cover page, and pages numbered. (You’d be surprised. No, really, you would.)”

How to apply:  Submissions are welcome by email ONLY from 12:01AM WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7 to 11:59PM TUESDAY, JUNE 21. Send submissions to sapiogeorge@gmail.com.

By submitting, you agree to let Onstage/Offstage produce, air, podcast, and if so desired, rebroadcast your work.

Deadline:  Tuesday 21 June 2017 at 11:59pm EST

Source:  Playwriting UK Facebook Group


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