Open Call for Writers for Sense of the City: London

There is an open call for writers for a writing commission to create short stories for Sense of the City: London.  Sense of the City: London is an inspiring design project that aims to open up a discourse about the urban landscape by using multi-sensory experiences.

The resulting new work will be published in the format of print and audio recordings. They will be distributed in the Smithfield area of London and uploaded on the website.

This exciting opportunity is open for students/graduates studying literature, storytelling, design writing, and playwriting, freelance writers, artists working on writing as a medium, and people who are interested in writing stories about urban environment with good writing/storytelling skills.  This would be a great opportunity to work closely with a curator and a designer, experience design writing and increase your portfolio.

Anticipated role of writer:

  • Type: Short stories/fictions
  • Word: 500-1500 words
  • Writing stories/fictions related to the urban environment
  • The content/form of stories depends on the writer. This could be speculating a new vision of the location  or mixing fiction and reality to provide a poetic discovery of the city.
  • Writers will not be paid for their contributions.
  • We would like writers who take this project seriously and have a strong responsibility for undertaking the project.

Sense of the City: London is composed of three phases:

Phase 1: A set of design activities involving the public will take place on 15th & 18th September. It will enable people to map their own perception of the location through experiential activities utilising the senses. The outputs created by participants will become sources inspiring writers as a starting point.

Phase 2: Writers will create short stories/fictions reflecting contents of the outputs created by participants during the activities.

Phase 3: As a final output, the stories/fictions will be presented in a form of newspaper & audio walk. Newspaper will be distributed in the area of the location (cafes, pubs, streets etc.) and sound file for audio walk will also be uploaded on the website.

How to apply:  For those who are interested, please send an email with a sample piece of writing of 300 – 1000 words to The story can be on any topic. Please note, this sample article will not be published and you will not be paid for writing it. More details, please see

Deadline:  28 September 2014

Source:  Arts Jobs

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