Opportunities: Our Pick of the Week – London Writers’ Week: Events for Writers

Each week we look through our pile of writing opportunities to pick out one we think is particularly worth your time. It could be an innovative brief, great prize money, a high-profile company, or just plain fun.

This week’s pick: London Writers’ Week: Events for Writers

Description: London Writers’ Week is an annual week long celebration of new writing in the UK. The week is overseen by the British Writers’ Council, a body of industry professionals who have led the way in the UK in terms of new writing training. The week’s aims are to provide access to and showcase the best new ideas going on in terms of new writing in the UK. All of this takes place NEXT WEEK – kicking off on Monday 4 July!

As we (excitedly!) announced a little while back, we’re partners of London Writers’ Week and we’ll  be running the Dark Horse Festival as part of it (book here if you want to see the best unproduced plays in London, written by this brilliant bunch of playwrights!)

Dark Horse - The Writers-2

Writers (as pictured): Sonali Bhattacharyya, Eva Edo, Sophia Chapadjiev, John Murray, Ash Sohoye

But that’s not all! We also wanted to let you know about the jam-packed programme of  events for writers taking place throughout the week – with a whole host of free stuff going on! You can find all the details and booking information on the London Writers’ Week website. We’ll also be keeping you up to date as much as possible on Twitter @LDNPlaywrights and on our website.

What’s so great about it? From showcases of the very best in new writing (did we mention Dark Horse?!) including work from the MA in Dramatic Writing at the Drama Centre,  to talks from the Bush Theatre, Oberon Books, Tamasha and the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, to name but a few. The week is crammed full of interesting events and we think it’ll be a wonderful opportunity to meet some new people, get some inspiration and engage in some stimulating discussions about writing.

See the full programme below! Get booking and we hope to see you there!

MA Dramatic Writing Showcase (London Writers’ Week) – Monday 4 July from 2-4pm

Event with designer Jenny Beavan (London Writers’ Week) – Monday 4 July from 7-9pm

Bush Theatre Workshop: Diversity – how we can create a more diverse theatre industry? (London Writers’ Week) – Tuesday 5 July from 11am-12pm

Oberon Books Workshop: Theatre publishing – how does it work? (London Writers’ Week) – Tuesday 5 July from 12-1pm

The Student Guide to Writing: Playwriting afternoon showcase (London Writers’ Week) – Tuesday 5 July from 4-5pm

The Student Guide to Writing: Playwriting evening showcase (London Writers’ Week) – Tuesday 5 July from 7.30-8.30pm

The National Student Writing Award Launch (London Writers’ Week) – Wednesday 6 July from 11am-12pm

The bit that isn’t the songs: book writing for musical theatre with WGGB (London Writers’ Week) – Wednesday 6 July from 2-3pm

WGGB event on the aesthetics and ethics of fact-based theatre (London Writers’ Week) – Wednesday 6 July from 4-5.30pm

University Women in the Arts announces first public event & partnership with Oberon (London Writers’ Week) – 7 July 2016 at 4pm

Industry showing of Dark Horse Festival (London Writers’ Week) – Thursday 7 July at 4pm

Dark Horse Festival – Public Performance (London Writers’ Week)  – Thursday 7 July at 7.30pm

New Writing Platform with Tim Crouch (London Writers’ Week) – Thursday 7 July from 7-8.30pm

Arts Council session on Grants for the Arts and funding priorities for theatre (London Writers’ Week) – Friday 8 July from 11am-12pm

BBC Writersroom event on making the transition to writing for radio and screen (London Writers’ Week) – Friday 8 July from 2-3pm

Tamasha “New Families” Scratch Night (London Writers’ Week) – Friday 8 July from 7.30-9pm

NAWE Workshop with ‘Myths of the Near Future’ Journal (London Writers’ Week) – Saturday 9 July from 10am-12pm

Read the full details here.


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