Opportunities – Pick of the Week: Independent company seeking 60 minute play as part of a new writing festival

Each week we look through our pile of writing opportunities to pick out one we think is particularly worth your time. It could be an innovative brief, great prize money, a high-profile company, or just plain fun.

This week’s pick: Independent company seeking 60 minute play as part of a new writing festival

Description: An independent company  is looking for a new 60 minute, 1 act play for a run next June 2018. The play will be put on as part of a new writing festival, and will be directed by Polyanna, the person to contact for this particular event.

What’s so great about it? Whether you’ve had a piece of writing sitting at the bottom of your desk draw, or whether you want to challenge yourself to write an entirely new piece, this is a fantastic opportunity to get your work produced and seen by industry professionals.

This is also a great opportunity for emerging writers who have yet to have a full-length piece of work produced, Equally this is a great opportunity for more established writers to get a particular piece of work out on a London stage.

This event is organised by Peter James CBE (Peter is one of the founders of the Liverpool Everyman, former Director of the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith and Crucible Theatre Sheffield. He has also worked alongside Laurence Oliver and Peter Hall), and the event is expected to be attended by some of the heads of London fringe venues, to which many of the shows from the festival’s previous years have transferred.

So, if this sounds like the opportunity for you, you have until 25 December 2017 to apply!

Read full details here.

Please note, we’ve posted this for your convenience and we’re not affiliated with the organisers of the opportunity.

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