Opportunities – Pick of the Week: LPB Workshop: Writing a Play for the Edinburgh Fringe

Each week we look through our pile of writing opportunities to pick out one we think is particularly worth your time. It could be an innovative brief, great prize money, a high-profile company, or just plain fun.

This week’s pick: LPB Workshop: Writing a Play for the Edinburgh Fringe

Description: The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world. It has provided the springboard for countless successful productions from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead to Fleabag. But where does the process of mounting a new play at the Fringe begin?

Drawing upon his experience in taking a show to Edinburgh and looking ahead to next year’s festival,  workshop leader, Freddie Machin will lead the group through the process of writing a one-act play, paying specific consideration to the demands of the festival. The six-week course will also cover the fundamentals of producing a show at Edinburgh to include deadlines, budgets, flyering, reviews, and the future life of your play.

What’s so great about it? Do you ever wish you could take a play up to Edinburgh but don’t have  a clue where to start? Then this is your workshop of dreams! Led by Freddie Machin, who has actually taken a show to Edinburgh (in 2012 he wrote and performed a one-man show based on the early life of Winston Churchill. Thanks to its exposure at the fringe, he then took the production on a UK tour), this course looks at what it takes to write a show for the festival.

It doesn’t end there either –  the course also includes loads of practical information on the producing side of things, which can often seem daunting when you don’t know how.  And not only is Freddie an experienced writer, he’s also a super brilliant workshop leader who currently teaches writing for both stage and screen at City Academy.

Places are strictly limited on this course to keep the group size comfortable so we’re flagging this one up to remind you to book early! Go go go!

Read the full details here.

Image by Dimitry B via Flickr CC

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