Orton – a new online resource for writers

Orton is a new online resource that enables writers to develop their work within a community environment. It allows work to be shared and discussed and invites fellow-writers (and readers) to suggest edits, comment on what’s working and give critical feedback on a completed draft or snippet of material. It’s completely free to use and the project’s website outlines some key aspects of Orton:

  • Crowd Editing – Readers and writers can suggest edits for submitted material.
  • Detailed feedback – Writers and readers can annotate directly on submitted work, making feedback specific and ‘easy to understand’.
  • Easy communication – Communicate with the community through an online messaging platform.
  • Allow ‘your audience to discover your work’ – Build an audience through sharing snippets with readers.
  • Managing a writer’s work – Writers can upload all of their work to share privately or with everyone.

It’s the brainchild of Beth Cleavy who commented, ‘It [Orton] takes the concept that writers need their work editing and through easy annotation and conversation features, it makes feedback in-depth and concise, on a level not seen before. It’s also a place for readers to enjoy the genre and style of writing they like with a smooth and beautiful reading experience…’

She added, ‘I know posting your work is like handing your baby over to a stranger with mean eyes, but Orton will track who has read your work and who has annotated. My aim is to make writers feel safe enough to share.’

You can sign up for Orton now and it launches soon! In fact the launch party is in Manchester on Thursday, 17 November. It’s free – and you’re invited!

Deadline: n/a

Source: BBCWritersroom

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