Out of Joint – Stockroom: accepting applications for writers room for theatre

Stockroom is a writers room for theatre. Led by a Head Writer, the Stockroom Artists will produce new work for midscale stages around the country.

It is Out of Joint’s mission to create the best new work for the midscale, working with diverse artists to develop and workshop new projects. We will invest time and expertise to create exciting, high-quality projects that are valued by our partners and over which audiences feel ownership and pride. Stockroom will make space for people from all backgrounds and place their voices at the heart of our work. We are still learning, and we will make mistakes, but every decision we make and every piece of theatre we create will be political and radically developed, regardless of topic.

Out of Joint is currently recruiting for Stockroom: find out more and apply here. 

Deadline: 16 November 2020 for Artists (19 October 2020 for the Head Writer Role)

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