Ovalhouse Drama Company seeking writer for Truth About Youth to write for 13-18 year olds (paid)

[***Note:  Ovalhouse currently has two similar postings open to submissions.  To see the posting for the 18-25 year old group, click here.]

Oval House 13-18s Drama group are looking for a writer to participate in an open and collaborative writing process for their next project January-March 2015.

The theme of the piece, titled ‘Who Decides?’ will be linked into the upcoming General Election; the process will explore politics in everyday life, young people’s opinions on current political issues and their feelings on voting.  Based on their experiences of growing up and living in London it will include their thoughts on the future of London and its people.  We hope to create a thought- provoking, accessible play that is relevant to young people’s lives.

The group are passionate about making theatre and have varying levels of experience. Through the process we will work to include their skills and performance interests.

Eligibility:  Applicants should demonstrate:

  • Any previous experiencing of working with and/or writing for young people
  • Ability to work in a collaborative way and incorporate young people’s ideas and opinions into a script
  • An interest in young people and issues that affect them
  • The ability to represent young people in a positive way through writing, challenging negative stereo-types


  • The group meets every Tuesday evening:  5.20pm – 7.20pm
  • Full day workshops will be held on Saturday 31st January, Saturday 14th February, Monday 16th February (half term) and Saturday 14th March
  • Full day Dress rehearsal and tech on Friday 20th March
  • Performance Dates: 20th and 21st March
  • NB: The writer would not be required for every workshop and rehearsal

How to apply:  Please send Maeve, maeve.oneill@ovalhouse.com a max 2 page CV and cover letter outlining why you are interested in this role and your experience of working with emerging artists. Please also include 1 sample of your writing.

Deadline:  Friday 9 January 2015 at noon

Source:  IdeasTap Jobs

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