Pensive Federation seeking applicants for Significant Other Festival 2015

The Pensive Federation is now seeking applicants for The Significant Other Festival 2015. This will be the 4th Significant Other Festival and this year comes with the subtitle ‘Object of Affection’.

They are looking for actors, writers and directors who are looking for a challenge – to create a new 10 minute play in just 10 days.  The Festival will take place at the Tristan Bates Theatre 16th – 21st March 2015.

How it works – Writers:  If you are chosen for the project, you will be asked to write a 10 minute play for 2 actors in the course of 5 days (7th March – 11 March 2015). The theme is the “significant other” however there will be other elements and limitations which will be allocated at the Inspiration Session. The play must be written for 2 actors – gender and age will be determined at the Inspiration Session on 6th March. During the 5 days of writing, you will be asked to submit your writing as you proceed. Please note that there will be some feedback and dramaturgy required during your process with the producers.

How to apply:  To apply, please download an application form at the bottom of this page on their website. Save your application form as a Doc with your full name as the file name (ie Surname_First Name).

You must also supply an excerpt of a piece of your writing (plays are preferred, maximum 4 pages) as well as a cover letter/statement (maximum 1 page) with details as to why you would like to be involved and if you have any previous theatrical experience. Please email this to with your name and the post you’re applying for in the subject line. (eg: John Smith_WRITER).

“Tip: You have got to write from the heart. We want daring, open, exciting and fun!”

Dates:  Before applying you must be available on the following dates:

  • Inspiration Session (for all selected participants): Friday 6th March 2015
  • Performance dates: Monday 16th March to Saturday 21st March at 7.30 pm. 23 to Saturday 27 at 7.30 PM

Deadline:  13 February 2015 at 5pm

Source:  Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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