Play Club (our online book club for plays): X+Y+Z=? by Joanne Griffiths

Play Club is our online book club for plays! Read plays, discuss them with the group and write a ten minute play in response to the text!

Play Club – an online book club with a twist! As with last year’s Play Club, we’ll be featuring new writing from 3 incredible writers selected from our 2021 submission window.

How it works: For each round of Play Club, we’ll be sending out a play for you to read and we’ll all meet up to chat about it online. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the writer and get to know the ideas behind the story before we challenge you to write a short 10-page play in response, inspired by what you’ve read.  You’ll then be invited to submit your short plays to us and selected plays will be read by actors online and broadcast as part of a digital Play Club event!

How to take part: head over to the members’ site to sign up for the Play Club 2022 mailing list (if you scroll down the homepage, you’ll notice it under member opportunities or you can also find it in the drop down resources menu). Then you’re good to go! We’ll send all information, scripts, details of the discussion session, and submission windows to you by email via the Play Club mailing list. We ask that everyone who takes part is a current member of London Playwrights as our organisation is supported entirely by our members. If you’re not a member already, you can sign up here for just £3.63 and get access to lots of other benefits as well as Play Club!

What, and whose, play will we be talking about it Play Club 2?



X + Y + Z = ? by Joanne Griffiths

About the writer:
“I completed an MA in screenwriting and then took my theatre piece to Edinburgh Fringe the following year.  Since then I’ve been trying to get better and that means concentrated time to write amongst juggling family and work.  I’ve just co-written my first six part TV drama.
I’m a massive fan of Samuel Beckett.  Whenever I get writers brain freeze I pick up a Beckett play and it helps me focus and more importantly carry on.”
X+Y+Z=? is about the human nature of survival and how much we need other humans in our life.  I wanted to explore the worst case scenario and really get to the essence of how people cope in extreme situations.  Climate change and women’s rights seemed like the bigger picture but when you bring that down to three individuals surviving in a pod it hopefully makes a statement about the human need for others.
Dates: we’ll be meeting on Zoom to discuss the play on Tuesday 27th September at 7.30pm. The submission window for short plays written in response opens on 28th September and closes on 14th October.


Sign up via the members site to take part – once you’re on the Play Club mailing list, you’ll be sent all the information you need via email, we look forward to discussing the play with you and reading your 10 minute responses! 

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