Playwriting Real-Life: The New Podcast from London Playwrights – Available now!

Playwriting Real-life explores all the issues, dilemmas, and challenges emerging playwrights face today. From making time to write in a busy world, to coping with rejection, to whether you should pay to submit your work – no subject is off the table!

Hosted by London Playwrights director, Kimberley Andrews, the podcast will address the common burning questions asked by emerging writers.

Kimberley says:

“I meet hundreds of writers through online workshops, script consulting, mentoring, and interaction on social media and I’ve learned that there common issues, outside of the creative process, that emerging playwrights need to discuss. I often talk to writers about things like work-life balance, paying entry fees to submit their work, and dealing with rejection or imposter syndrome. I’m hoping the podcast will address these issues in an honest, refreshing way which will benefit emerging writers in developing their careers”. 

We’d love to hear your suggestions for topics! Feel free to comment on this post or email Kimberley at with your ideas.

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Latest Episode:

How accountability can help you to write plays

Previous Episodes:


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Playwriting Real-life: Episode 4-  Should you pay to submit your work?

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Playwriting Real-life: Episode 7 – Things to consider before self-producing

Playwriting Real-life: Episode 8 – How to stop your day-job from killing your creativity

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Playwriting Real-life: Episode 11 – How to improve your dialogue writing skills

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Playwriting Real-life: Episode 13  Interview with playwright, Max Wilkinson

Playwriting Real-life: Episode 14  Putting on a one-person show: interview with Errol McGlashan

Or listen on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple

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3 thoughts on “Playwriting Real-Life: The New Podcast from London Playwrights – Available now!”

  1. Hi Kimberley. I’ve very much enjoyed your podcasts, and delighted to hear that you want suggestions for further topics. How about self-producing? For those of us without a background in theatre, how do we find collaborators? Where is the best place to find the perfect director and actors, and venue? Are there forums/websites for people looking to self-produce? How do people kickstart a theatre project? I realise it’s all “how long is a piece of string?” and “it depends who you know” but to hear other people’s experiences/successful case studies/ideas for what they would have done differently – would be great.
    Thanks and best wishes,

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Deborah, thanks so much for listening and for taking the time to send some ideas – this is all great and something we can definitely cover in future episodes. I’ll get on the case with researching this! Thanks, Kimberley

      1. Thanks for a great series of podcasts. Jumping off Deborah’s suggestion – when submitting to theatres, we are encouraged to think about whether our play would be a good fit (both in terms of physical space and the kind of plays that are produced). Maybe an episode on what to consider before submitting would be useful?

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