PlayWROUGHT #3 New Writing Programme at the Arcola (£150 participation fee)

Arcola Theatre is pleased to launch Playwrought #3, an opportunity to develop and have a play performed as a rehearsed reading at Arcola. This will be part of the third instalment of their new writing programme, PlayWROUGHT. Following a successful first and second outing, PlayWROUGHT #3 will be open to any writer aged 18+. They are looking for unique voices that haven’t been heard before.

Taking part does not mean your work will go on to be produced at the Arcola. However, they will put tickets aside for each reading to be used by selected industry reps, literary managers, producers and directors. In the long term the Arcola would like to see every play from the festival move onto a full production, whether it be in London, the UK or even abroad, and hope to become advocated for our PlayWROUGHT writers and plays into the future.

Eligibility:  Unlike most other new writing initiatives, PlayWROUGHT is open to playwrights of all ages and experience. They read every play twice, and from this process, select a shortlist of 12 plays that they would like to help develop.

What you get:  Playwrights are provided with group and individual mentoring sessions with a dramaturg, as well as with the necessary R&D and rehearsal space. Each playwright can either work with a team of actors and directors from their own creative networks, or Arcola will match them with teams from our networks. Each team is given £100 towards expenses. After the readings, they become advocates for our writers to help identify the best next steps for the work, making use of the Arcola’s established industry contacts.

In the weeks running up to the festival, you will receive:

  • A feedback report from our readings.
  • The opportunity to work with a dramaturge/playwright both in groups and one to one to refine your work including a new second meeting to touch base during your redrafting period.
  • Space at the Arcola Theatre to workshop your play and rehearse your reading.
  • Support from the Arcola Theatre (marketing, technical and production based)
  • Have a technical and dress rehearsal, culminating in a rehearsed reading as part of PlayWROUGHT #3 in Studio 2.
  • A group de-brief session with the Arcola Theatre and dramaturgs following the Festival.

What to submit:  Playwrights are asked to submit a full length play of approx. 90 minutes running time (approx 90 pages- there is some flexibility but it is at our discretion). This project is about working on, developing and redrafting an existing work and not about writing a new play for the Arcola. We are looking for the hidden gem stashed in the bottom of the drawer, or the promising but troubled play that needs some love and support.

Your play must be an entirely new and unproduced work. We will not accept musicals or translations, but will consider radical and vibrant adaptations of classics (copyright must be secured by the playwright before entering).

Submissions on any topic are welcomed. There is no limit on the amount of characters/actors used, but do be aware of performance and rehearsal space available; we would suggest that the play need maximum of 5-8 actors. Writers will be in charge of recruiting their own director and actors for the reading, although the Arcola can help match you with a team if you want. A small budget will be provided to cover for reasonable expenses.

What you pay:  The support of the Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation. This support has allowed the Arcola to dramatically reduce the cost of taking part for participants to £150.00. This covers the time and advice of mentors, workshops, one-to-ones, the use of Arcola rehearsal and performance space and technical and marketing costs.

Limited bursaries are available. Please contact for more information.

Arcola will retain all box office income, although 6 comps will be reserved for use/distribution by teams involved with each play. They will also reserve a minimum of 10 extra comps to be distributed to industry- which they will manage in consultation with yourselves.

How to Apply: Download the terms and conditions and application form here: PlayWROUGHT #3 Application Form PlayWROUGHT #3 Terms and Conditions

Completed application form and script to be returned to

Deadline:  15 October 2014 at 5pm

Source:  Word of mouth

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