Pokfulam Rd Productions looking for playwrights and creatives


Pokfulam Rd Productions are looking for producers, directors, actors & emerging and established companies & playwrights that want to experiment, meet, mingle on N16’s stage (and bar) on February 14th 2016!

email pokfulamrdproductions@gmail.com



Deadline: None  posted

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Page

2 thoughts on “Pokfulam Rd Productions looking for playwrights and creatives”

  1. Penelope Maclachlan

    February 2016 was more than two years ago. I’d be interested to see if there are current opportunities.

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hi Penelope,

      On this occasion, an outdated post has managed to make it into our Weekly Round-up (we do try our best to keep everything up to date but we’re a small team of volunteers so from time to time we might miss something!) Pokfulam Road is still going strong though, check them out here http://www.pokfulamrdproductions.com/ – and we’ll be sure to post about any new opportunities we hear about with them.

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