Programme – Hot Mess by Claire Seeber

The planet’s heating up, and so is single peri-menopausal mum Sunny.  Already on the edge, she’s got to save son Jay from a fate worse than arrest with the help of young waif Storm.  Well, who else is going to protect kids and planet if not Sunny?  Enlisting help in the roughest pub in the city to weaponise, now she’s just gotta sort the dastardly powers that be before the planet implodes…

Trigger warning: reference to domestic violence, swearing, sound effects: alarm and siren. 

Cast and Creative Team: 

Writer: Claire Seeber

Director: Jess Gill

Sunny: Roli Okorodudu

Storm: Amy Leeson

Jay: Christien Bart-Gittens

Ray: Richard Sandling

Voice over/ Little Hope: Kate Hargreaves

Big Man/ News Reader: Dickon Tirrell

About the writer

Claire is a Londoner who started professional life as a (bad) actress and then became a documentary maker, a journalist, and in 2007, Harper Collins published her first psychological thriller, Lullaby; her 7th was released in June ‘21! Playwriting takes her back to her first love – the buzz of live theatre. She is also a qualified Gestalt therapist (as in psychotherapist) and in her down-time,tries(!) to manage a home of slightly feral teenagers and animals, including Colin the dog.

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Hot Mess was developed as part of the LP2020 programme and received Dramaturgical Support from Kimberley Andrews.

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