Punk Monkey Productions accepting 10-20 page submissions for PL.A.Y Noir (Los Angeles)

Punk Monkey Productions is officially accepting submissions for their 2016 production of PL.A.Y Noir.

What to submit:  Plays should ideally be 10-20 pages in length and possess the classic noir themes of murder, mystery, deceit, and double-crossing.  In their words:

“We always encourage playwrights to submit pieces with strong female characters, whether ingenue or femme-fatale.  Examples to draw upon include The Maltese Falcon, The Third Man, and Double Indemnity.”

How to apply:  Submissions and inquiries can be sent to info@punkmonkeyproductions.com.

Deadline:  1 December 2015  Extended to 1 January 2016

Source:  Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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