React Scratch inviting writers to share work at monthly scratch night

 After a successful debut last month, React Scratch will take place in Forest Hill, SE23 at The Honor Oak Pub, every third Thursday of the month.
They are now looking for writers to share extracts of their work . Places will be given on a strictly first come first serve basis.
How to apply: Send an email to including:
a) The title of the piece.
b) A sentence or 2 about it.
c) What is about to be shared.
d) If you have actors already or might need help in securing this.
Extracts must not exceed 10 minutes nor have more than 3 actors.
(Please feel free to email with any questions you might have).
Deadline: Rolling, performance takes place on third Thursday of each month
Source: Direct contact

2 thoughts on “React Scratch inviting writers to share work at monthly scratch night”

  1. Dallas Bancroft

    I am new to this blog having just received it from a friend
    who put me on to it. I am loving the good advice and would
    like to read everything you write about writing. Does that make
    any sense. I am a playwright but have never been properly produced. Readings yes, even staged readings of my work have been known to happen but I live and work in Hollywood, Ca. where they have no real interest in anything but t.v. and films.

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hope you find the site useful Dallas – we have lots of articles in our archive, hope you enjoy them!

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