Red Hair Theatre seeking writing on the theme of ‘In Praise of…’

Has something ever made you feel like you just had to make a public declaration of love? Or lust? Indifference? Hate?

How did it go?

If you’re a writer, actor, comedian, singer, musician, poet, playwright, or someone who’s got a burning desire to tell us about their burning desires, we want to hear from you.

Ideally, we’re looking for pieces that aren’t solely focused on current events. But if you’ve got an idea that you find exciting, please do send it our way anyway.

Who We Are 

Red Hair Theatre is a London-based theatre company focusing on new writing and intimate experiences. Our most recent work includes Masks/Tidal (October 2020), an Arts Council England-funded double bill that received a 4-star review from London Pub Theatre and was described as “intriguing and gripping” by Timothy West.

What We’re Offering

The event is an opportunity to shake off some of the winter blues and have a little celebration – of the good and the bad – as well as to raise money for some of those worst affected by the past year.

As a charity event, this is an unpaid opportunity for all involved, including us.

Submission Guidelines

The title of your piece should complete the phrase “In Praise Of…”. Aside from this, please interpret the theme in any way you like.  We are very open to you adapting a piece of work you already have.

Submissions do not have to be in their final form: however, we do need a full draft (if the piece is writing) and a few sentences on what it is you are interested in sharing.

If you are a musician, please send us a link to an example of your work.

Please send submissions to by 10am 15th January 2021.  There is no entry fee.

Deadline: 15 January 2021 at 10am 

Source: direct contact

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