Reframed summer script call for short films, sketches and web series

Reframed is a collective of actors, directors, DOPs, and other film professionals that get together to try out ideas, test their skills and produce and make high quality short content and films. Watch a selection of their work

They are looking for new material to produce. They will be running bi-annual script calls and they are now looking for their summer scripts. You can submit as many scripts as you want but please use one form per script. They are accepting scripts from the following categories: 

  • WEB-SERIES (7 pages max webisodes, submit first 3 webisodes)
  • SHORT FILMS (10 pages max, 1 location, no more than 3 main characters, no animals or children)
  • MINI-SHORTS (2 pages max)

Please be aware that they do not have massive production budgets so keep that in mind when submitting your scripts. If your story requires a sunset over the Pacific Ocean or a helicopter landing on Trafalgar Square, they might not select it!

How it works: they are not a production company but a collective of people working together for free. They are not in a position to buy the rights of your script if they select it but there will be a signed agreement to clarify the usage.

If they select your script, they may want to develop it further with you, so they would like to collaborate with writers who are open to that sort of process.

Once the project is completed, they will premiere it at one of their own private screening nights in London and then discuss potential distribution paths with the writer.

How to apply:  Visit their website to apply. Only submit scripts for which you own the rights!

You will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your submission. They will only be able to discuss further with those selected. They are not in a position to give feedback on non selected scripts.

Label your pdf script as follows: “Surname_title”

If you have any more questions email with ‘SCRIPT CALL SUBMISSION QUESTION’ as a subject.

Deadline: 4 July 2017

Source: BBC Writersroom

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