Rich Creative call out for feminist scratch night plays on ‘desire across the sexuality spectrum’

Rich Creative, a brand new theatre company, is launching a new feminist scratch night called The Female Gaze & Other Stories. The first evening is subtitled Volume I: A Sexual Odyssey.

Rich Creative want to showcase stories about sex and desire spanning the sexuality spectrum.

Selected pieces will be assigned a director and cast, to be showcased on 29 March in London at The Cockpit Theatre. The evening is produced by Rich Creative as part of the Girls On Fire season.

What to submit: Gay/bi/trans/queer/straight/questioning sex and love stories, which take place now. Pieces can be extracts or short plays, no longer than 15 minutes. They should include no more than 4 parts, with at least one female character/character who identifies as female. For more information, visit their site here.

How to apply: Send your submission to richcreativeproductions@gma with the subject line ‘FEMALE GAZE/TITLE OF PIECE’ along with your full name and contact number. 

Deadline: Monday 27 February 2017 at 10am.

Source: Direct contact

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