Roister Doister Publishing 2015 Playwriting Competition

Roister Doister Publishing is looking for plays written specifically for young people and their 2015 Competition has two categories that you can enter. One Act Plays and Full Length Plays. “Anything goes with regards to content, themes and genre of the play and we’re looking for entries that are as daring as they are creative.”

What to submit:  They are looking for plays written for young people.  Different guidelines for each category are outlined on the competition website.  One act plays should run 25-50 minutes and full length plays should run 75-120 minutes; all submissions must have a minimum cast of two.  Writers are also required to complete an application form – be sure to download the correct form for your category.

How to apply:  If you wish to make your submission via email please attach your script along with the application form to with the subject line Playwriting Competition 2015.

What you pay:  There is no charge to enter, however there is a fee for guaranteed written feedback, which costs £10 for one act scripts and £20 for full length plays.

What you win:

First Prize for Full Length Play Category:

  • 5 Year publishing contract.
  • £150 Sales Advance.
  • Rehearsed reading of your play.

First Prize for One Act Play Category

  • 5 year publishing contract.
  • £100 Sales Advance.
  • Rehearsed reading of your play.

Runners-Up:  The top 5 runners-up in each category will have their plays publishing in a compendium of plays from the competition along with the winning play. Runners-up will also be invited to the rehearsed readings of the plays.

Deadline:  3 July 2015 at midnight

Source:  Playwriting UK Facebook Group



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