Royal Court seeking Young Writers for Open Court (age 14-24)

The Royal Court is calling for submissions from writers aged 14-24, no previous experience necessary, to work with The Royal Court Youth Board to programme and imagine Open Court 2016.

During the first Open Court in 2013 they handed the keys of the building over to the writers. The festival included 133 performances and over 40 new plays. We worked with writers aged 8-92 with an ensemble company and created Weekly Rep, Surprise Theatre and launched The Big Idea.

For Open Court 2016 they’re giving the keys to the next generation of writers, directors, producers and performers as Young Court produce and create their own programme of events over the summer.

A cohort of 10 writers will be selected from the submissions. This cohort will then develop the material for the performances, ideas and events for this summer’s Open Court festival, 18th July – 6th August 2016.

If you are selected, it is essential that you can be available from 5-7pm on Tuesday 1st March. This will be a Town Hall meeting between the Youth Board and Young Writers to come up with questions and ideas for Open Court 2016. Please note, your submissions will not be used as part of Open Court, they are for selection purposes only.

What to submit:  You can either send us an extract of a play you’ve written already or write us something new.

If you have already written a full length play, please send a 10 page sample.


Write a new 5 minute play. This can be your own creation or a possible starting point could be: “The Keys to a New Now”.

Additional guidance:

  • Set your play in a world where the power shifts.
  • What would that world be like? Perhaps focus on one detail or element of control that is currently not in the hands of those around you. The keys might be the keys to a car, the keys to parliament, the keys to someone’s mind, and the keys to a position of power. It doesn’t have to be about you. What would happen? What could go wrong? What would go right?
  • If you’re writing us a new short play, please make sure it is a complete story (with an ending).

How to apply:  Please send your submissions to

Deadline:  Wednesday 10 February 2016 at 5pm

Source:  @Playwriting_UK

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