Salon Pictures open call for first-time filmmakers

Salon Pictures have launched their initiative Debut 2, an open call for first-time feature film makers. They are looking for high-concept ideas, novel ways of expression, and a fresh approach.

First-time feature filmmakers are invited to pitch ideas for a high-concept, fiction feature film. The winning project will be fully financed and produced at a budget level of £1,000,000, by Salon founders Nick Taussig & Paul Van Carter, who to date have produced six features by first-time directors.

To apply, you must be an individual, a writer-director, and will be a first-time feature-filmmaker. Your idea will be original, and not based on any source material or underlying rights.

How to apply:  Email a one page PDF of your concept to:

Include the following:

  • Title. Genre. Location.
  • Your name (you should be the writer and director).
  • A logline (a one sentence summary of the film).
  • An outline (500 word detailed description, include beginning/middle/end of the film, with spoilers).

Do not send videos, images, screenplays or anything else.

  • There are no geographical or age restrictions.
  • You are not necessarily guaranteed a response.

Deadline: 15 September 2017

Source: BBC Writersroom

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