Scenesaver – digital performance platform

Scenesaver the award-winning, free to use site showing performances in offwestend, off broadway and fringe theatres. Creatives can upload their footage, free of charge, and viewers pay a “ticket price” donation and this money goes to the creatives.

If creatives have any footage of their performances it would be great if we could feature this work on Scenesaver. It would provide the chance to get out to new audiences worldwide and the hits will still go on the youtube or vimeo accounts. If they want to stream  exclusively we are of course happy to wait until that session finishes then they can share it on Scenesaver for our subscribers to see it. FYI we also feature rehearsed play readings as well as staged performance.

Although  Scenesaver was launched during lockdown one of its roles is to make all types of performance including music and dance accessible to everyone especially the people who cannot see live performance whether it be for accessibility, financial, work, childcare or geographical reasons.

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